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Gobbo Island
Main Character and Main Character Ship Concept

Main Character and Main Character Ship Concept

Gobbo Island

For our fifth game we were tasked with creating a top down adventure game. Our group decided to choose The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as our reference game for this project.

During this project I worked on UI, menus, character concept, character modeling and tileable textures.

Futher down you can see some highlights I worked on during this project and some screenshots from the game.

The Team - Deer Simon

Aron Jönsson
Felix Dunmar
Melvin Ringheim
Simon Broqist
William Agerlid

Level Design
Alexander Thambert
Alexander Holmqvist
Viktor Lundblad Åfors

Game Art
Alexander Molested
Viktor Gustafsson
Amanda Önnestam

Elliot Raud
William Teurnell

More artwork